Day 23 – Kazan to Nizhny Novgorod

A good night’s rest, but the daylight began at about 2am. Couldn’t turn the lights out!

The days start for us is 9.25 am. A long time to wait after we get breakfast at 6.00am.

Car is good. We expect a hot Monday morning.

As it turned out, the day became overcast and the temperature was cool.

As usual, Denise started on the turn of the key, ready for the day. We had fuelled up the night before so we wouldn’t waste time getting to any of the bases.

The daily bulletin was given when signing out so the amendments had to be extrapolated into the route book as depicted whilst underway. A number of amendments and notifications to ensure a safe journey.

One of the PC’s had been cancelled leaving only two for the day.

A 485km journey to Nizhny Novgorod. This is the place of the first Kremlin in the Soviet Union, now abandoned, an old fortification dating way back when.

The trip commenced on the usual long straight roads, though these were busy this morning as it was a week day. So many lorries using this highway and together with the road works it was slow and tedious. I’ve not mentioned before, but the roadworks are undertaken without the stupendous safety requirements that we have in our country. The “cones” are non-existent, only the small sport cones can occasionally be seen but they are blown away by passing cars.

It’s not that there is no concern about safety, it just that the individuals working in the roads are self-conscious to ensure their own safety. Like a cone will stop one from being injured?

Moving on, the only time that needed to be met was the MTC at the days end, and that had been shifted to a town square, where some celebrations were taking place. I don’t know the reason of why we were there, other than it was the place where the first Kremlin was situated. And it was being celebrated.

Again, there were throngs of people that met us at the finish line. These people just love cars!

Car enthusiasts

It’s a shame that we are only here for the evening. We will not see anything in this city, and the buildings that we see while driving through are fantastic. I took some photos while driving so they’re not the best but you may get to understand what I mean.

Some architectre

Our hotel here looks great from the outside but it’s basic inside. Rest the head, sleep and rise to do the same the next day as the day before.

A statue of Lenin out side our hotel

A scene from in the lobby of the hotel

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