Rally of the Incas – 2016


Argentina to Chile & Peru – 13th November to 9th December

Well, here we go again.

Stephen and I are about to embark on another Enduro rally, The Rally of the Incas.

Since returning from the Trans America Rally in 2015 we decided to take it further and do another adventure into the unknown. (Unknown to us anyway.)

Commencing in Buenos Aires on the 13th of November 2016, we start our journey into the southern region of Argentina, across the Andes mountain range, more than once, into Chile and onto Peru finishing in Lima on the 9th of December.

We decided to take “Denise”, our 1958 Morris Oxford, series two.

She’s proven her worth over the Mongolian (Gobi) desert and on to Paris France in majestic order. She was placed as a finisher (out of 100 cars), 10th in her class and 17th overall!


Quite something when one considers the competition of very many expensive, well-heeled marques with huge engines (up to14,700 cc’s) and deep pocketed owners.

Denise was recognized as the least expensive car on the event list and turned out to be one of the most reliable cars in the event.

Thanks goes to Steve as the Mechanical Genius, who has spent the past 12 months, full time, together with Pete his right-hand man preparing “Denise” for this South American adventure.

Steve stripped her down mechanically to her basic being. Taking every moving part off, stripping, exposing every bit for any wear and tear then carefully replacing if required and refitting back onto its particular operating position.


Wheels, rims, tyres, bearing housings, bearings, brake lines and cylinders, drive-train, gearbox, dashboard, engine (everything came off the engine) blasted and inspected and put back together again.

The engine received at least six extrications from its engine compartment due to testing and fault finding. It would go in, test and back out again as it didn’t make Steve’s standard.


Issues with cracks, frost plugs, carburetor’s, coil, distributor, starter motor, generator, radiator and fan. The list goes on.

Steve attended to each and every part with surgical precision to ensure that altogether, all was robust and able to withstand the adversities of the South American hills and gravel roads.


Also, big thanks go to those businesses that assisted Steve with supply and professional services to get Denise up to running order. Very much appreciated.

Preparations for us included many medical appointments and inoculations with much medical equipment to take with us in the event of accidents or medical incidents.

The only piece of equipment we haven’t got on board is a defibrillator, otherwise breathing equipment, pressure pads, morphine and needles, and lots of Deet insect repellent.

Seems like a portable hospital kt.

Hope we have no need to use.

We are both excited by the adventure and look forward to keeping you posted once we are underway with narrative and photos of interesting events.

Stephen and Corgi…