Day 22 – Ufa to Kazan

Day 21 was our day of rest and was just that.

From the hotel window and some shots of roadside images

Because day 22 is 616kms, with three STC’s and one track event, it will be a long day. However, on receiving the days bulletin on departure/start, one gravel STC was cancelled, the other two still on, one on a busy public road, the other a short but winding bumpy rutted road. Denise took it in her stride, bouncing vigorously, pig jumping, the suspension that Steve had tweaked was working well.

Our times were right on the calculated times, so no points lost.

Then long, long roads, basically to get west and to the next rendezvous city.

It was hot too; windows open wide with the wind howling through to keep the temperature down. Hard on the ears, and communication becomes more difficult. But it is what it is.

The long hot straight roads, and oil installations  are a common sight. There’s lots of oil wells here keeping the wheels turning

Villages along the way, the roads and fields of wheat

Then, 17kms before the home stretch, a track event. A really nice professional track, 2 kms long, two circuits. Good fun. The minimum time 3 mins 45 and the maximum 9 mins. We did it in 5.30. Not bad?

Then onto the Korsten hotel in Kazan for the evening.

The local time turns out to be back 2 hours. Makes the day even longer.

Tomorrow is a transit day to Nizhny Novgorod. 487kms. No competition, just passage controls, although if some cars have problems, it can affect the results. Just saying.

Some houses along the road. Getting better as we move west. And a new subdivision of houses

If you can see the yellow pipes running parallel with the road, they are connected to a central boiler house that transmits hot water for heating the homes in winter

4 thoughts on “Day 22 – Ufa to Kazan

  1. Excuse me, but I have to say that the yellow pipe transmits gas (methane, CH4). Each house has its own boiler. Hot water (for using and a steam for house heating) is transmitted only in cities by large diameter pipes that placed deep underground (about 2-3 meters down) and coldunsulated very well.
    If you try to transmit hot water by this pipe it will freeze in winter in a couple meters.


    1. They are cool clouds. Me thinks the straight ones have to be the reflection from hotel room lights.



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