Day 20 – Bannoe lake resort to Ufa

Last nights rest was the best for a long time. We both slept well and as usual, up at 5.00.

Denise in the morning looking a little grumpy

And the brow that most other drivers see a lot of. !!!

The start line at Bennoe lake resort

It was to be a 455km day today with basically little to do but drive to Ufa. The only competition was a run on a race track 25km from the resort.

That was enjoyable. The heat of the sun had not yet come through.

The minimum time to complete the circuit was 1minute 30 seconds and the longest time was 5 minutes.

We did it in a comfortable time of 2mins 30 seconds.

Then on the highway to Ufa. It gets hot but the trip was uneventful. Just one rally car behind the other. It was getting hotter.

Some general road scenes. A cow stop and…..

The days distance was actually 355kms. Someone cocked up and so the design of the day was just travel.

Denise’s cousin, an Austin. Ready for a quick shower spruce up

We are staying at the Hilton tonight and tomorrow night. It’s a rest day. For some.

Steve decided because we arrived early that he would do the maintenance on the car today so that he can have tomorrow off.

The rubber bushes on the front right steering and suspension need replacing and he wants to check the possible leak of brake fluid somewhere. The torsion bar needs adjusting, etc, etc.

So, not much excitement to report I’m afraid.

Let’s hope we do get some rest as I think we need some.

One thought on “Day 20 – Bannoe lake resort to Ufa

  1. Hi guys at least you have heat – freezing here that little wood hut would be close to your heart corgi.
    keep it up guys lots love sis



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