Day 24 – Nizhny Novgorod to Zavidovo

The first thing I have to do is be corrected on two known matters. The first is that the yellow pipe work in the photos that I described as conduiting hot water to each household for heating houses in the villages that we passed through is incorrect. A reader, thank you, has informed me that the pipes carry gas to each household and that each household then uses that to heat the house and the water. One lives and learns!

Also, the photo of the horse and rider displayed white light streaks as if these were clouds. They’re not, they’re reflections of light from the ceiling inside the building.

Thanks for bringing these matters to my attention. I don’t want to misinform.

Yesterday I also informed you that the Russian pilot was the first to fly over the south pole. This is also incorrect. He actually was the first to fly over the North Pole. His small ‘plane is now exhibited in Nizhny Novgorod.

I have now read a little about the area and the history is rich with local achievement, politics, art, invention and architecture. I’m not saying more as I will surely err. But from what we saw it’s a fabulous place.

A little Russian classic car

Moving on to this rally that we endured today, which began at the what is called the NRing circuit some 40 odd kms outside of the city.

Each car was required to do two laps within a 10 minute time span but not less than 4 minutes. Denise achieved a time of 5mins 20 seconds. Not bad?

NRing circuit

Then the long slog of the balance of the trip. There was to be two test starts and finishes, but due to some extenuating circumstances these were cancelled.

So, on and on over hills and dales. Beautiful countryside, especially in the morning as the wind blew gently over the green/blue hue of ripening heads of wheat in the vast oceans of endless wheat fields

Some new buildings

The road traffic was full on and overtaking was difficult. Slow, tedious progress.

We need to keep moving if were to get to Paris, that’s the driver when you stop and think of it. It’s still a way off and tomorrow we head for St Petersburg, 669kms of travel.

We also have a rest day there.

Churches and buildings

Yesterday after the day’s events Steve did some work on maintaining the suspension and wheel bearings/seals. All these parts wear and they need to be checked and replaced when required.

So other than just driving the car Steve is always assessing the areas that need attention.

She’s still purring is Denise. She’s been a faithful friend who has delivered us thus far so well. Respect!!

One thought on “Day 24 – Nizhny Novgorod to Zavidovo

  1. hi corgi very entertaining reading – you could become a travel writer I love seeing pics and hearing about each place you visit enjoy love sis



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