Day 12 – Anya to Novokuznetsk

Tired from the previous day, slept like a log.

Ready in the morning to leave Anya and on the road

In his usual car check at the end of each day, and under the car again Steve discovered an oil seep on the rear brake brake line. Small to the extent it can be observed but no dripping. Looked like a problem and cross checking at all stages it seemed ok. The master cylinder oil level was at the correct level so…….?

He decided to carry on until our next rest day in Novosibirsk. Meanwhile regular checks during the day.

Really important to have brakes! Aye?

The road was mainly seal, but not good seal which can be worse than metal. Some 40 odd kms of gravel travel, real rough. One sporting Time control, 1 passage control and 7 time controls.

Country scenes en-route

Interesting country if you can lift your head to look. Every time you look up from driving an error occurs.  Concentration is what it takes and it’s tiring. Physical driving is also draining so at days end it’s bed time…..almost. A beer would be nice but I can vouch for the fact that we haven’t had a drop….as yet. It’s really getting warmer now and beers choices are increasing as we move south west.

Country scenes. It’s just like most places, ordinary people living in ordinary places doing ordinary things living their lives

Hot today on the road. Other than the nature surrounding us there was nothing that stands out except the millions of white butterflies. They’re a real nuisance as they splatter yellow on the windshield so that you can hardly see through the yellow and the block up the radiator grille causing the car to overheat.

The scourge of the butterfly!

They hail from the spring green tree canopy at the roadside. You can see 1 meter diameter groups of them sitting around and in water holes. They are not the NZ white type.

People are friendly and welcoming, and because they can’t speak English communicating is difficult. But they really try and talking with whatever, like hands is enough to get a message through.

Talking to people whilst waiting in a small town after having something to eat

It’s a great experience and much different from the last time we’re here. I think it has got better in most respects but the prospects for people in the small villages will have a hard life, the same as their parents if they stay. I can see why men and women would do anything to have a better life elsewhere. Not necessarily out of Russia but out of these small towns were prospects for a full life are somewhat less.

Arriving at Novokuznetsk . A great welcome. Thousands of people welcoming the car entourage. A neat feeling

Those are the thoughts of the day.


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