Day 11 – Kosher Uk, camp 6 to lake Aya

The little double huts we stayed in last nigh were just great. Enough room to stow the nights gear and sleep on a roughly crafted bunk bed. Very hard but comfy.

At the last camp with some local P2P Russian supporters and the inside of accommodation in a Yurt

A much needed great nights sleep. These units are cheaply built and would suit as single men’s/women’s accomodation. Ideal and low cost. Not flash in the build but certainly adequate.

Our current position in the competition is  24 overall and 8 in class. Considering the type of race car competition, it’s ok.

We lost out on a gold medal and are in the silver category.

We planned our days strategy travelling mostly on seal and there were 5 time controls and two master time control stations requiring specific out timed to meet.

Our Monit and gps equipment was inaccurate or the tulip route books were incorrect. Miles out literally.

Anyhow we began the day positively and tried to ensure that we would meet the correct time and definitely not lose any points today.

Ready to go at a Time control and the scene on the way out

The countryside was getting better as we drove deeper into Russian territory.

Scenery on the way

We met all of our deadlines today. Over 566kms, relatively easily.

Countryside and the next Time control

The other noticeable observation is the friendliness of the people. Quite different from the other countries visited so far.

Nothing else to report other than the vastness of this country and the beauty of the fertile plains with clear water rivers and trees in their spring attire.

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