Day 10 – Camp 5 to camp 6

Last night was the last night in Mongolia.

After settling down, shower etc and meals it was 8.00pm.

Stephen attended to replace the rubber in the front suspension arm and found the rattle in the front right wheel. The shock absorber had come loose.

Not an easy job to repair due to the confined space and the lakeside was infested with trout flies. Millions of these pesky insects.

Rain/snow threatened from over the lake at any moment, but never arrived.

Bed was at 9.00 but the mess tent was like a pub in the desert. People who had Mongolian money left over, and knowing it could not be exchanged anywhere else in the world, spent it on grog. Party, party!  Kept us awake for a while.

Then later we awoke at the sound of what sounded like frog calls in a pond. One croak here responded to by a croak on the other side of the camp.

The snoring sound of the party goers sleeping.

The usual up at 4.30am, shower and breakfast.

Looking at the route books and adding the amendments planning the day ahead.

Waiting for stats at 9.05.

Got away on time heading to the first TC, but  the GPS we had borrowed from the ERA gave up the ghost. Flat battery. Our 2 GPS failed to  light up, both at the same time. We missed the STC sign in to this control centre. Bad. More bad!

Couldn’t find it. Turned back only to add to our precious time schedule.

That was it.

So we carried on disappointed knowing we would accrue penalty points.

On and on to the Mongolia border to wait and cross. It will take a while.

Denise and the competition at the boarder – Mongolia

Well it was two and a half hours here, and then two and a half at the Russian border.

There is no hurry  by the customs and immigration.

The Russian border people were far more friendly. And the Russian side quite different due mainly to the trees that covered the hills. There are no trees in the Mongolian desert.

Once on our way the roads were superb here. Straight and smooth. Denise ate up the miles with ease. 115 km cruising.

We encountered an Aus car in distress in a remote spot enroute who had a broken rear spring. Needed assistance from the mechanics, sweeps. They Couldn’t contact the ERA control through the sat phone.

We relayed their position for the sweep team to assist.

A very tiring day. No achievement other than border hopping.

We are staying at a riverside cottage motel set up. Lovely surroundings. Shower, diner, bed.

Start time tomorrow 9.05am.

At the lakeside camp 5

A Russian actor at the camp site

On the road

Scene from the Russian side

Russian countryside. Beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Camp 5 to camp 6

  1. WELL certainly sounds hair raising you guys – spectacular scenery ”bro you look like a local a Mongolian resident rich looking ” sounds like adventure is what you want and adventure is what you have.
    keep up the good driving bro and Corgi hope that nav sorted – take care lots love sis


  2. What a difference crossing the border can make. Enjoying the thread as it comes it. Go boys, and Denise.


  3. Peter Lovett
    Great to read your blog, your pictures and stories are the best!
    Hope you keep motoring well now you are out of the desert.
    Safe travels



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