Day 13 – Novokuznetsk to Novosibirsk. Day 14 – rest day

Another hard day of 556 kms and a lot of hard and rough tarmac and graveltravel.

Another early start at 8.35 and a long way to go. The public were out early to give a great send off. The enthusiasm was really great.

Leaving for the start line a fellow kiwi competitors car. And on the road

The day’s activities consisted of one STC which we did well and many TC’s and PC’s for the day nothing real to report as the going was straight forward and the car did well. It’s truly a hard passage, with many competitors electing to take it easy and just follow the trail at leisure.

At a TC and waiting to go. The other cars are Volga Russian cars driven here by the Russian support organisation

We are now 24 o/a and 8 in class.

Our accommodation is the Marriott hotel in Novosibirsk situated on Lenin Square.

All the cars are parked in a fenced off area.

In Lenin Square where we parked overnight in Novosibirsk

Saturday is a rest day from travelling. Steve got straight into checking the car and he knew that the rubbers in both the front and rear suspension needed replacing. The rear took less time but the front was problematic having to remove the various steering and bolts related to this it was complicated and when it came to the front left strut the bracket had fractured from the chassis. This needed welding. Something that need a workshop to attend to. A navigation through the city of Novosibirsk ensued.

Steve attending to maintenance and some damage caused by vibration where the fibreglass has fallen out of the bodywork

There was no rest. Steve on his back manoeuvring around on his bum, being the “surgeon” and me playing nurse jumping when needed.

At the welding shop. Very accommodating people who welded the bracket and reinforcing plate

The public were fantastic and although they could be considered a nuisance they were most pleasant friendly and helpful.

They came in their thousands to welcome and visit these rally cars

We had no time to have lunch or to do any sight seeing or even leaving the hotel to discover this city.

But that’s the thing about an endurance rally, everything, cars and people need to endure the pros and cons of every day events and keep going no matter what. So that’s what we did.

Just as a comment in respect of the way that Steve prepared Denise for this event. He has worked full time on this baby since her return from India on the Himalayan Challenge. The predetermination of the tortures to be met on this P to P is truly outstanding. He has pushed this little car to the limits that it can withstand, without over doing it, cruising easily at a steady 115kph on good roads and pushing through the roughest roads at speeds that any normal modern car would not at all entertain. All credit goes to him from all points of view, safety, reliability and continuity. And Denise has never complained.

Other better prepared cars have failed miserably, whilst Denise soldiers on.

Tomorrow is a big day of 630kms. Wow!

We cross the border into Kazakhstan. Could take a while for the border crossing. Will report.

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Novokuznetsk to Novosibirsk. Day 14 – rest day

  1. Hi Corgi,
    Thanks for your great stories! We are looking out for it every day..I know how difficult it is to find the time and energy to write them, but rest assured you have a “hungry “ audience. Good luck for the next stage and send our best wishes to Steve,
    Mick & Grace



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