Day 14 – Nainital to Bardia Park

To Bardia Park, the route instructions said that after a short stint of hairpin bends, that the road would be straight for 500kms.

They were true to their word. Except, that surface would not be flat!

Dam en-route to border.

There were few photos to be taken as the scenes were the same wherever we went. Lots of agriculture and hard working people working the land. Hardly photographic material. Miles of it. Townships interspersed were bustling and the traffic chaos the same.

Then into the immigration office at the India border. 500 meters from the Nepal border.

Immigration office and Nepal Border

Passport stamping and recording then another office for the carnage de passage to allow the car to exit-and to enter the respective countries. What a mess in respect of the office and the surrounding areas. Could be the worst place that you’ve ever visited. Rubbish, dust and heat. We had to endure some two hours going through the officialdom.


Then onward over the straights of Nepal. Much better roads through lush countryside. Tropical. Not what I had ever thought.


The people look slightly different and the attitude much better. Lots of smiles and waves. Not something you can take a photo of whilst travelling.

But the driving? Not the same , likely worse.

A number of our team had altercations with other vehicles. Bumps, dents , broken mirrors and doors an fenders damaged.

Our hotel was at a place called Tiger resort in Bardia. Late dusty and hot. Really cheap and simple. Hard beds and cold water. The only saving grace, aircon.

At Tiger Resort.

Dinner. guess?

Early to bed then, don’t remember.


4 thoughts on “Day 14 – Nainital to Bardia Park

  1. Oh my gosh – Peter and I feel for you both , but thank goodness is good to hear you both seem to be coping – bet this is testing not rally endurance but your own – keep (;-) chin up boys you can do it lots Iove from us xxx


    1. Thank you Pete and Sis.
      You’re better off where you are that’s for sure.
      This place, Kathmandu is something that will have never seen in your life. NOT impressed!
      Going up for a flight on Monday to convince ourselves that the mountains do really exist. The


  2. Sounds more like a world title fight hang in there boys time to start your run up the ladder


    1. If you thought the P to P was difficult in parts, you’ve seen nothing. If your car broke down on the “steps” you’ll be asphyxiated before it’s fixed! One regularity to go if points are to be got before the finish. Not much chance. 3Rd I’m class 15 overall, car still humming. She’s a great little girl is Denise!!!



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