Day 13 – Rudraprayag to Nainital

It’s the last night in India before we cross the border into Nepal.

Both of us had a good nights sleep.

Breakfast was very basic. The rally began at 9.00am. Too late in my view, but for some who celebrated cheerfully into the evening it was probably a godsend. The hotel is a dry pub so knowingly some members stocked up at a previous location and consumed their booty at this place. They drank with great gusto, more than if it had been available. So they became very happy very quickly. Warm beer? Yuk.

We had no intention of drinking especially because we were tired from the concentration of driving but also that the next day required the same diligence. It’s too dangerous in our view to get onto the roads with a distorted mindset.

Anyway we got underway on a better road surface but a boring route. There was no time for looking out of the window with interval driving instruction almost every 1 to 2 kms. Couldn’t/didn’t take any photos. Besides there being not much to look at or see.

The first regulatory of the day was cancelled and the instructions to get to our accommodation was flawed so we received new route guidance.

We got to the hotel absolutely stuffed. We drive like crazy (not stupidly) only to be told that the time for getting in had been extended by 30 minutes. Even this was only just enough for us to get in before time.

Stressful and draining!

When we get to the hotel our room is some distance away and about down 110 steps. Doesn’t sound much but boy, after a hard day?



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