Day 12 – Rishikesh to Rudraprayag

The travel today was 160kms.

So because it was a short ride (yeah right) we commenced the journey @ ten o’clock.

We had difficulty getting to the accommodation last night i.e. we got lost, but we found the digs a little disappointing but the food was good..

Steve making his lunch for the day. Looks good.

It was said the night before that the roads would be better today, but they tell lies. It was again a terribly rough road for most of the way.

A regularity section was first up with two speed changes. It’s difficult as the roads are public roads and not closed and changing speeds is in itself difficult to monitor.

We got in early by twelve seconds, too fast.

Good ride though.

Then on to the end of that section and took the roughest road they could find.

Still we headed onward and made the trip more interesting by pushing the limits and driving like they do. The horn if used often and for long periods did the trick of moving the traffic, play hardball and front up to these crazy drivers.

It was an enjoyable ride and Denise purred along not complaining at all. She bounced and jumped all over but reacted positively to driver demands.

Scenes of the Ganges and surrounds.

Rough, but we passed everyone on the roads including the rally teams, buses and trucks.

We were first in at the hotel. So we got a park right outside the door.

Dog tired. Concentration is paramount to a successful drive. Covered in dust and buggered.

Some photos of “the boys” on the Himalayan Challenge.

Steve gave the car a once over but all was well with her. We sat in the lobby for a while before heading to the room for a very welcome hot shower and clean up. Yesterday’s hotel had no hot water and was disappointing for room cleanliness.

This one was a lot better for cleanliness but old-fashioned. The TV for instance is one of those cathode ray tubes. But there is wifi.

Dinner tonight is accompanied by a “command performance”.

As it turned out many participant brought beer whiskey and gin with them. It’s a pub with no grog on this region so no drinks for us.

Early to bed and we’ll be fresh for a good start.


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