Day 15 – Tiger resort to Pokhara

An early start to commence a long arduous day. 451 kms.

It turned out to be so.

We had to backtrack from the resort to the main road along a broken road that consisted of river stones interspersed with bumps and potholes. We woke at 5 to allow time for breakfast and to get the car ready. It was to take 45 mins back to the main road.

Early morning and the dust was still moist and it lay low.

Once underway it looked as though it would be an easy run but in a short while the road deteriorated and the trucks cars and people increased. Straight roads to start with, then onto the hills with long winding roads into the hills. And so it continued. On and on. The roads got worse, potholed tarmac with the edges hard and sharp. It tore at the tires and shook the car and it’s occupants severely. It’s not that you can just slow down. There is a time check to meet with loss of points if late. Denise didn’t complain though you could feel the pain. It was just atrocious.

On we rode through these conditions. Hot and dry then wet.

Dusk came early and we were expecting to come in at 17.35 hrs. We just couldn’t make it. There is 60 mins grace with 30 mins without penalty. We got in without the penalty.

Boy we were whacked. Dust covered dry and just stuffed. It’s not a straight 451 km ride. It’s endurance coupled with wit and quick thinking. Looking always for the best way through the road maze and ensuring that we were always on track. Mentally and physically exhausting.

There was no time to take photos as we sped though the winding roads and villages looking always to ensure we didn’t miss a turn.

That’s our intro to Nepal.

We are looking forward to seeing what we really came for.

One thought on “Day 15 – Tiger resort to Pokhara

  1. Sounds like some extreme driving and a lot of energy for you guys to stay focused. No wonder you are sleeping well! Enjoy the scenery though – Pokhara Lake is a great spot…



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