Day 1 – Delhi to Chandigarh

Denise was allotted a 12 minute past 10 o’clock start. Exciting now as we go under the start gate and push the trip meter to Zero on entering the arterial route from the hotel.

Traffic was surprisingly light for this time of day compared to our experience on previous days taxiing through Delhi.

Following the route book exactly the task of getting out of the city was relatively easy, as Steve quickly learned how to drive like the locals. Weaving in and out of the traffic, giving way when necessary and following the navigators instructions!

Sounding his horn and blending in on the scene.

We were happy to be on the road and underway for the event.

Accuracy of the route book information enable a pleasing result to this voyage.

Our halfway point at Karmal, 119km north of Delhi was without incident and we could appreciate that the local driving methods were really quite effective. There was no need for slowing traffic hold ups of any sort. Slow traffic was “politely” horned out of the way or advised of our presence.


It seems unruly but works like a charm.

We complain at home when we see foreign visitors from India drive like they do over here, but this is how they earned their driving licence. They don’t know any different.

It works here and without it the country would grind to halt.

Fuelled up at Karmal, just in case, and headed up north to Chandigarh. Same old for another 140 kms. Really nothing to comment on.

Denise hummed along at a steady 80-90 kms. No issues.

Out of one city traffic chaos and into another at Chandigarh. Again the accuracy of the route charts aided us to our destination with ease.

We were about the eighth to arrive at the Taj hotel and parked on the grass in a prime spot.

During the trip Steve had felt a slight rumble, through the steering column somewhere on the left side of the car.

He removed the wheel and discovered oil on the inside of the rim.

He decided to dismantle the brake and axle mechanism, like a surgeon. It all came away like it should revealing an oil seal leak. Not a bad one but he decided to innovate and apply another seal onto the axle plate, if that makes sense, with some red paste/sealer.

Reversing the process putting everything back, again with surgical cleanliness and care the wheel was back in place and all was good. It was good.

Shower and change ready for a few cold drinks, then a great Indian dinner! Fabulous.

Better than it looked and we all most likely ate more than we should have.

Then bed.

Unfortunately,  the opportunity for photographs of interesting scenes didn’t come up. The townships were hovels of tin and wood on dusty unkempt streets and sidewalks.

We didn’t slow down to shoot photos and all of the voyage was on motorways. Good ones too in most places.


Day two has us starting at 9.23 am.

Hope we get some better driving excitement.

We are heading into the foothills of the Himalayas.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Delhi to Chandigarh

  1. Dear Corgi and Steve,
    Realy nice to read your reports. I enjoy them knowing what it is like when you have started te rally after all preparations. I know the part of India you are crossing now; roads and traffic can be terrible (do not drive in the dark!!!). Good luck and enjoy. I wil follow you. Watch the super 5 star hotel in Shimla, we all got verry sick there..

    Anty Verloop (NL)


  2. Hi Steve and Corgi,
    You guys are irrepressible and an inspiration to us all.
    The blessing of this rally is you should be able to find plenty of spare parts!
    Load up the boot boys and bring them home.

    All the very best,




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