Ready to go

Just a brief note to advise that all cars for the event were uplifted this morning and driven some 57kms back to The Imperial hotel in preparation for the start of the rally tomorrow. (Friday 21st).

Denise perked up quite nicely when started and all looked well. All was well.
We had been given a tulip map to direct us to our destination. It was hot and in some serious traffic Denise got hot too.

We survived the traffic turmoil with Steve practicing on the horn to warn others we were coming. He was good! Horn worked well and we blended nicely into the chaos. Our first foray into the traffic that is Delhi.
Upon our arrival back at the hotel we adorned Denise with a floral tribute and to celebrate our rally through India. It’s how it should be.


We were later issued with the traditional route and map books, quite some volume, and the first official amendments for the first days competition

We are ready to go.
An official dinner tonight and tomorrow we’re off and on our way to Chandigarh north of Delhi.

6 thoughts on “Ready to go

  1. Very be dazzling – am very exciting for you both and hello to mr singh from us. We can see you have had a eventful time – wish you every success – love sis



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