Delhi Temple

India, specifically Delhi, has so much to discover. Apart from the natural features, it has a numerous mixture of religions that dominate the daily activities of its peoples.

Mr Singh arrived at 9.30 this morning and suggested that we visit his Sikh temple. He is a man of the Sikh faith so thought that we may be interested to learn what they do.


We agreed, and parked beneath this huge building complex and so entered the temple where there was much going on with people, lots of people doing “their thing” heading toward the main chanting area.

We were requested to remove our footwear and socks and to cover our heads with an orange headscarf. This was a sacred place.

We were introduced to a guide who related to us what their religion means. I will not repeat all she said. But it seemed interesting. She was very serious.

We walked into the ceremonial area after washing our hands and feet. Listened to their continuous chanting /singing songs from their book of scripture.

It would bore the reader if I explained through my impressions what went on there but they do it 24x7x52. They do shifts to maintain this schedule.

They feed anyone who enters and we were told  that they serve some 30000 meals a day. This doubles to 60000 on weekends and many times more for special religious occasions. Their kitchens are a continuous production line of food making. Most impressive. All those involved, and there are many, are volunteers. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts. And no doubt a meal or two.

It’s a huge operation and relates to us that this religion really does give to all who wish to enter this magnificent temple. They really do feed the masses.

Thanking all those who showed us around we continued to the purpose of our morning travels to a Delhi department store. Nothing flash.

Stephen was investigating the procurement of some “flying” carpets. Just in case.

He’s a real trader. I don’t know if or what he bought but the bartering was strong and persistent.

Then on to another modern shopping area to buy some “jingle” type car window adornments. Something gaudy and a bit of fun. Will transmit photos when cars are adorned.

I know that the afore-going is far from a car rally experience. But that will be the focus once we rev the motors onto the road.

Back to hotel for a late lunch and a rest.

Tomorrow we commence a bus trip to uplift our cars. It could take up to 5 hours we are told. Once uplifted we will follow a tulip map for our first foray into the dense traffic that is Delhi.

Looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “Delhi Temple

  1. I love that you are adorning your car with Indian bling/adornment!! You will blend right in, especially in that typical Indian manufactured vehicle! Neat that you have your guide to experience Delhi treasures, and intrepid ways of existance too! All the best for your car reunion moro 👌



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