Gearing up

Mr Singh came to pick us up at 9.00 (Tuesday) instead of 10.00 as we thought it prudent to commence our Morris parts buying spree whilst the day was still somewhat cool.

Our hotel from the outside….just kidding

We headed into the morning traffic throng in the direction of a chemist that could supply some small pressurised cans of oxygen in preparation for our travels into Nepal and up to the foothills of the Himalayas.

We just might need to quell the problems of altitude sickness.

Then off to a money changer who Mr Singh said would give a better deal.

Mr Singh

Business doesn’t really get underway here until 9.30-10am. He rang the proprietor who promptly arrived to undertake the transaction. No extra bidding the rate to our advantage, though, as expected, Steve gave it a good go.

On through the traffic which by now had increased considerably both in numbers and noise. Horns now being used in a harmony of tones to warn of their presence and avoid hitting another vehicle. Hitting another vehicle here I thought would be easy as.

As it happens, amid the throng they all miss each other. Amazing when you consider that cars are not only travelling in the same direction, they are coming at you from all sides. And Mr Singh just coolly manoeuvres his taxi in the direction of travel without missing a beat.

He was heading through the old city towards an area that dealt in all sorts of car parts and of course, and especially Morris/Ambassador parts.

Normal wiring

We parked the car and walked the broken and dirty pavements strewn with boxes, car parts motor scooters and shop paraphernalia. People going about their daily tasks, opening up their shops.

Tooting and other signs that showed some impatience but all was well.

Stopped at a parts shop for various bits including torsion bars and cast iron fittings, boot and bonnet hinges, windscreen wiper arms and blades, steering wheel cover and a windscreen. Plus the rubbers.

Took some five hours of sorting out, but a very successful day.

Bad wiring

All up around nz 150 bucks!

Took it all back through the traffic back to hotel.

What a traffic system. We will need to be absolutely alert when we make our way on Friday morning to escape the city and its environs when we commence the rally proper.

Lunch at the hotel now lounging on a lounger at the poolside whilst filing this report.

It’s a hard life this rallying.

Tomorrow is a day off and we have arranged for Mr Singh to pick us up at 9.30 for a tutu into New Delhi where he told us the shopping was good and it is a more modern cityscape.

7 thoughts on “Gearing up

  1. hi guys off on another adventure good on you. best of luck corgi you must be a very patient man.


  2. Mr singh looks so very young – very cool looking – what is his secret? Is it not something else ? so very exciting takes us back to the buzzzzz of it all. love sis


  3. fabulous writing Corgi – good on you both for seeing the real india – can you see why we love it so much love sis



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