Day 2 – Chandigarh to McLeod Ganj

It rained heavily all night and in the morning it was still raining monsoon style.

Just getting into the car rendered one soaked to the skin.

We departed the hotel at 9.23 and quickly found the route and all went well.

Our first passage control stop was at Bharatgarh and we were in on plenty of time. But we quickly got back underway with the knowledge that complacency can be working against you.

Onward in the rain which was not improving was leaving Large water formations on the road surface and pot-holing to extreme extent.

The road became increasingly narrower, more winding and elevated. Into the area that we came to “conquer”.

These roads became steadily worse and potholes more frequent, deeper and larger.

We refilled with petrol, we don’t know what kind as there is only one type. Everyone uses this stuff. I’m sure it’s low quality.  It we didn’t want to run out.

Steve’s driving was great as was the navigation to this point. A pat on the back. But the journey is not finished until the end.

Whilst contemplating once more on the India driving style/habits, one can appreciate that the method is quite polite. At a toot, a car in front will move over or slow to let you pass.

Or if you wish to force your way forward in a jam they will let you in, all the time traffic is moving. It doesn’t stop unless direct to by stop lights. It really keeps everyone on their toes.

Temple in the middle of nowhere at Basohli


We had one regularity event coming up over rough road conditions all on degenerating tarmac surface. We also had to look out for cows, which are sacred. Hit them at your peril we were told.

The average regularity speed due to the condition was set at 25 km.

However, cows,  and turning lorries, just buggered it up. I don’t know the result of how we performed.

And of course people just meander all over the roads, also aiming to miss the surface water and potholes. So the entire stage is somewhat demanding and we need to be alert at all times. Motorbikes/scooters come at you from all sides with either two or three people aboard or carrying enormous loads. All over the place. Some motorbikes carry an umbrella to stop getting wet. A sight to see.

So we followed instruction right up to approx 12 km from our destination with little time to get there within the time set. Plus 30 minutes grace without penalty.

Then a road diversion which meant that the route book was useless. Other than other rally members going in the same direction as us we were lost as far as how to get to the hotel we are staying in. Disaster.

We were surrounded on the narrow roads by rally cars all travelling in different directions.

None knew the correct route at that point.

We have been through places that no one knew existed around a mountain twice before being rescued by the hotel management who literally asked us to follow him in his car. Miles from where we should have been.

Obviously other rallyers had made the cut but we were stressed out. The car was hot and it was still raining heavily.

What a disappointing end to the day.

At the hotel we were asked to park some 500 meters away from the building and it was suggested that we just take a few clothes with us. Didn’t happen. Just so pleased to get in that we were prepared to slum it a little and wear the same clothes for two days.

Dinner at 7. Guess what.? Curry! Rice naan bread and chepati.

Now bed. Steve’s arms are falling off from the rugged road conditions and being on the road much longer than was expected.

A day that turned out less than expected but it’s in the path of leading us into Nepal and into the rough territory Character building!!!

7 thoughts on “Day 2 – Chandigarh to McLeod Ganj

  1. Getting there…good work. The monsoon rain would be a driving mission for sure! And although when it rains it is warm, always dry yourself off – otherwise the fastest way to get a cold…Cant wait to see you getting near the foothills…Go Steve, Corgi and Denise


  2. Love reading your story every day boys. It sounds realy rough. Good luck because you need that in India! 😩


    1. Today was a very interesting day. the rains were atrocious and flooding just chaotic. It’s bad. We are in a standby hotel tonight because the bridge to get to the planned stay has been washed out ant the bridge to get there has been washed away.
      It’s quite dramatic really.
      But alls well. Will post a bulletin in the morning.
      We are making the most of a bad moment.
      Cheers Brooke.


  3. hi there – hope today was better day
    louise and rebecca let me know news – keep the chin up boys – smile love sis


  4. Hi Steve and Corgi,
    Wow! What an adventure!! Sounds amazing, keep the stories coming, we love reading how you are getting on. Stay happy and healthy 🙂
    Love Di, Wash, Lucy, Beth and Charlotte xx



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