Hey everyone.

Got into Delhi @11.00 pm and we’re met by Mt Singh, a driver that Steve’s sister had organised.

Formalities at the airport were short and sweet. When we exited the building we were met with a wall of heat, and people.

Whisked away by car and taken to our hotel, The Imperial.

Grand and huge and luxurious. Got in at midnight and straight to bed after a shower. Had a bad neck headache, probably from trying to sleep in the aircraft seat. Most uncomfortable. Would have hated to be in the back of the plane.

Up for b/fast at 6.00. Getting hot now at 9.00 am.

Meeting Mr Singh at 12.00 for a tutu around the city. 17 million people live here in Delhi. So quite crowded.

I suspect that we will be surprised at what we will see later in the day.

Otherwise all is well.

Have met a few of the competitors already. Good to catch up. Will keep you updated.

10 thoughts on “Delhi

  1. Good luck Stephen and Corgi. This will be tough one… Mick and I will follow you. The Empetial is amazing isn’t it… Been there for tea on a KLM trip. Go to the Red Fort and the spice market! Mick and I just did the Alpine Rally by ERA in the French Alps. Beautiful but difficult rally. Map reading…
    Take care! Grace de Haas


  2. great to see your site up and working boys – watch out for those delicious curries early in the piece – let your bodies aclimatize – Corgie tea ensure you have boiled milk at all times (giggle) enjoy day


  3. Hi Corgi and Steve, Well the next expedition is finally underway. I always look forward to the interesting stories and experiences that you guys have.
    All the very best, and good luck.




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