Day 16 – Sheridan to Cody

The route today allows a bit of a tourist loop that takes us from Sheridan through to Garryowen to the Little Bighorn Battlefield in the state Montana.
This Battle a significant event in the development and settlement of the Indian people’s in the USA. Some sad stories are told about how the battle resulted in a win for the Indians and Custer’s last stand. Interesting history that was dispersed to me in comic books when I was a lad about the Cowboys and Indians in America.

At Little Bighorn Battlefield
At Little Bighorn Battlefield

IMG_1055 IMG_1052

We traversed some beautiful rolling countryside that stretched from horizon to horizon and up to a very high country in the Black Mountains which Betty just chewed up. Steve kept spotting some of the older cars in people’s back yards and sometimes stopping in to inspect. There are thousands of cars parked where their owners have just left them for a newer model and most properties had an extra car or two just rotting away on their land.
Coming back down from this high country again displayed spectacular natural scenery through rocky mountainous country with waterfalls and interesting winding roads. Not good for the drum brakes which Betty has fitted. Takes other driver skills to get to grips with, so that they don’t cook and become ineffective.
We still had some issues with fuel vaporisation as did quite a few competitors.
Thanks to those of you who suggested a way to overcome this problem, but I’ll bet you know that Steve had already considered this option. On our next day off if it persists we may just lift the bonnet to let the hot air escape.
Then onto the business of Regularity sections. An unsealed road was the one and only for the day through some natural  forested land on a high escarpment which had three timing spots and the requisite winding hilly track. We didn’t do well although again the coordination in the cabin was good. It’s better fun now.

Image Copyright Gerard Brown
Image Copyright Gerard Brown

Then on track to the Holiday Inn in Cody where there was a plan to go to the Rodeo. All of us were dressed in checked shirts for this event……… except for …. Steve. He wore his Hawaiian checked shirt and pants. It’s just interpretation aye?

Checkered up!?
Checked up..

Good fun but the rodeo event was not what most expected and those who could chose to return to the hotel on the early bus.

Betty with her new Wyoming number plates. A relief to get as the temporary plates had expired. Other states would not issue these.
Betty with her new Wyoming number plates. A relief to get as the temporary plates had expired. Other states would not issue these.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Sheridan to Cody

  1. Steve probably already knows, but adding Marvel Mystery Oil to the gasoline in the prescribed (or 10% more) amount can help fuel vaporization. It works in my 1925 Alvis! Available in any auto parts store in the USA.



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