Day 17 – Cody to Idaho Falls via Yellowstone

Today was an unofficial journey of 500kms plus, which basically allowed team members to spend time visiting the world famous Yellowstone Park and it’s interesting interior.

Images Copyright Gerard BrownYellowstone2

Stunning scenery, forests, rivers and animal life. Mountain and escarpments of stunning size and shape. We saw elk, mountain goat, deer, bison but no bear. The bison is making a big comeback in numbers and we saw herds of many hundred animals all through the park. The geyser Old Faithful did not play for us as we would have had to wait 90 minutes and didn’t have time to wait. It was a lot like the geothermal field in Rotorua but so much larger in size. Same smell of sulphur of course. A great trip but still a long drive, so it wasn’t a rest day.
We climbed Betty up and down the steep roads to view fabulous views that stretched from horizon to horizon. It was as if we were in an aeroplane.
Betty didn’t complain and the issue of fuel vaporisation made only a slight appearance but Steve has found one way of overcoming this, by trial and error.  Keeping the revs high when stopped keeps the engine cooler and the vaporisation doesn’t occur.
We’ll see tomorrow if this resolve can be maintained. It’s been a great day!
We are to cover some 645kms tomorrow
With some 500kms before lunch, so an early start @ 7.30am is the order of the day with lunch @ 2.30pm. One regularity section is in the afternoon.
You will probably have noticed that there has been no mention of placings of late in these reports. It mainly because the position we hold has not changed and we are still in 28th place. Not where we want to be but, that’s the fact of the matter.

from our room in Idaho Falls at 5am this morning. Looks like a lovely day to come.
From our room in Idaho Falls at 5am this morning on day 18. Looks like a lovely day to come.

One thought on “Day 17 – Cody to Idaho Falls via Yellowstone

  1. You may want to try putting in some valve cleaning fluid in the gas (petrol to you). If the valves are not closing completely due to varnish on the stems they can stick and lead to what you are experiencing.

    Ed and Mary’s friend ….Tom and Mary



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