Day 15 – Rapid City to Sheridan

The start of this  rally commenced at the normal time of 8.00 am and we made for Region Lakes and Mt Rushmore on a tourist route to see the carved heads of the presidents carved into the mountain rocks. It is quite a monument.

Mt Rushmore
Mt Rushmore

Then onto the Needles, an ancient mountain rock formation that resembles needles projecting skyward in an awesome spectacle.
Then back to the road downhill and through some crazy narrow rock tunnels hacked out through solid rock for access many years past.

Needle Mountains

It was hot now and the brakes on the car must have been white hot and were responding with duress and the fuel, that contains methanol over here, is beginning to vaporise before it hits the carburettor coursing fuel starvation. This is a problem many cars are experiencing so we are always on the lookout for fuel that doesn’t contain methanol.
We got to the time control for lunch at a small cafe on the banks of a fast flowing river for a quick bite to eat then onwards toward Sheridan in Wyoming.
This leg included two Regularity sections on dirt roads. To get to the start was also on long dusty dirt roads, though the standard of the surface was very good but with a lot of surface stones that act a little like roller bearings.
We performed quite well on the first but on the second regularity we experienced the fuel vaporisation issues. When standing at the start line awaiting the signal to go the engine bay gets very hot and the fuel starts to vaporise.
Accordingly as we spluttered up the hill after the start we lost time that was hard to make up on the winding hilly track.
Good fun though as we start to get a little more competent in the cabin. The driver drives to the limit that he can and the navigator looks at the regularity chart and reads out the time and position. Stressful but enjoyable after the event.
So off back onto Tarmac on the final few kms to the hotel at Sheridan.
We were early for a change as we got all the navigating right and Betty performed without any mechanical problems. She is running smoothly apart from the fuel vaporising.
A few drinks and a few tales in the bar, then to dinner and bed. We are tired.
Tomorrow begins with a leisurely drive from Sheridan to the Little Bighorn Battlefield where we have time to have a look around, then onto Garryowen where the official day begins again at midday. Should be enjoyable.

6 thoughts on “Day 15 – Rapid City to Sheridan

  1. Hi Guys sounds like plenty of fun , try leaving your bonnett up partly at the start line to let the heat out from under the bonnet, or cut a hole in it and put a scoop on it facing to the back of the car


  2. We had the same fuel problems get some ice or cold water tip on fuel pump Joes idea of leaving bonnet up is good also . Good to watch you guys and see you are having fun.


    1. Sure is good read bro and corgi – we freezing in nz today AKL 4degrees – the excitement in your writing warms the hearts of us down here in the lonely planet love sis


  3. Hi Guy’s, Been following your exploits daily. Regardless of the weather you both seem to be having a great time. Rain, mud, gravel, tarmac, freeway, sun-shine and cold mornings……all good stuff. Your pics and the ones from Gerard Brown are excellent and give us all an idea of ground you’re covering.
    On our past rallies we didn’t really try to be competitive….was more fun and enjoyment as a social event
    along with a few ice coldies at every impromptu stop.
    Those backroads on day 16 (Sheridan-Cody) look stunning.

    Enjoy the ADVENTURE.

    Cheers, FFFFFFFFFFFredd.


  4. Wow, what amazing scenery! So much looking forward to hearing your stories further when I see you in San Fran. All the best until then! xx



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