Day 8 – Buffalo to Bay City Michigan

We began the day  at 7.00 am in order of placement travelling +500 kms from Buffalo Bay to Bay City Michigan.
We felt a lot more confident as on our rest day in Buffalo we purchased a Garmin GPS. Only $160.00 and then no more hassles in the complicated road ways into big cities.
The day started out overcast with some sunny spots and quite warm.
We were to do two regularity sections and a run on a drag strip, so a full day.
Had also to cross the border into Canada and back.
Most of the roads travelled are secondary roads and these are far more interesting.
All went well and we dropped the hood attracting the requisite rain!
Just after completing the regularity sections it just hosed down. Visibility down to just 500 meters! Other than a few drips inside the cabin (not us) it stayed dry and before long the weather cleared.
We again did not do well in the regularity sections. Something to do with the navigator?
Got to the destination and the organisation had planned a dress up function for diner.
Making the dress ups from what we had in our possession. Well the results were very good and some were excellent.
Steve dressed up as Casper the friendly ghost. A bed sheet from the room cut a hole for his head and whited up his face with some white stuff. Some teeth from a dollar shop, and voila!!!
What a hoot!
Early to bed for a long day tomorrow some

Three quarters into the trip we ran close to a fuel shortage. Punched the GPS and again, voila. refuelled at a service station close by and one not shown on the tulip book. Paid for the Garmin!
But we didn’t need the GPS to find our destination. Navigator experience is showing up?

The results for the day kept us in 29th place. Something to be said about consistency?

Some photos from our rest day…

Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Motor Museum
Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Motor Museum

Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Motor Museum

3 thoughts on “Day 8 – Buffalo to Bay City Michigan

  1. Loving your journey and very envious. Betty looks classy can’t say the same for Steve. Keep the pictures coming. Craig and Nicky xx P2P Car 69



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