Day 9 – Bay City to St Ignace

Firstly, some photo’s from the dress up function as requested – starring Casper.

Casper the friendly Steve Casper the friendly Steve 2CasperTeeth

Dressing up
Roger from the UK who’s driving a 1963 Daimler SP250 with his son Christian. Corgi and Steve having a swig.
Friendly competitors
Tom and Femke from Holland, dressed as Pippi Longstockings! They are driving a very nice 1969 MB 280 SL

Awoke early this morning as we thought that it would be a long day from Bay City to St Ignace. As it turned out we only had about 430 kms to travel. But included in this day were 3 regularity’s and one track event at Onaway about 90 kms east of our destination.

Convoy Travelling along

We now dread these regularity’s as we have not been able to get it very much right. Quite the opposite and we are loosing points.
Today again we squandered points due to misunderstanding, at least that is the navigators argument. We will keep at it though. The more we do, must catch on soon.
Betty hummed along flawlessly over the beautiful countryside and we made the destination in time.

Racing along

As we came closer to St Ignace the giant bridge across Lake Huron came into sight. A beautiful spanning structure some 7 kms in length. Fantastic!
Our Hotel for the evening is the Harbour Point. Right on the edge of Lake Huron where the mosquitoes are about 15 mm in length. At least that’s what they look like. They would drain one in short order.
A pleasant evening quite balmy.
We had the top down most of the way today which allowed the carpets to dry out from the storm last night.
All is well. Dinner at a local eating place. Will be nice.

3 thoughts on “Day 9 – Bay City to St Ignace

  1. Stephen you have certainly provided us girls a laugh over our coffee this morning!!!…. Priceless!!! 🙂


  2. Stephen, I met you at the gas station in St Ignace. We were riding 1000 kilometers on Harley’s on the Algoma Trail in Ontario. Great meeting you. Thanks for telling me how to look up your race online. Who would believe I was meeting a famous rally race blogger? Good luck and safe travels. I look forward to participating in the future. Regards, Ryan



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