Day 6 – onward to Buffalo

This day started at 8.30 though waking up from a great evening at the local fire station to the sight of a tranquil lake first thing in the morning. Beautiful.

Today we had a relatively short run of just over 400 kms to Buffalo. The course took us through some beautiful countryside and included 2 Regularities on unsealed roads. We faired little better than the previous trials, one where the trip meter began playing up and the other where we were caught behind a vehicle and couldn’t get past.
A real disappointment as we thought we were getting to grips with this thing. It was not to be. Our experience is minimal and we need to learn quickly if we are to get up on the leaderboard.
The rest of the journey was relatively casual with exception of the entry to the city and the hotel. Took a wrong turn on a one way street and the count down to the last check-in started. We stressed out in an endeavour to get back on track. Made it with 5 minutes to spare!
I must reiterate that this type of rally is so different from the adventurist one that was the Peking to Paris in 2013.
This is an all on road trip that we are competing in and “Betty” is not really designed for this type of event. In saying that its the most beautiful and controversial vehicle in the event. The Americans and Canadians just love the deja vu that it stirs up. Lots of folk just walk up and talk about the car that they or their fathers owned. Great conversation starter! And a lovely car to ride in.

En-route to Buffalo- taken by fellow rally driver.
En-route to Buffalo- taken by a fellow rally driver.

Steve has done a great job in bringing her up to rally standard and she just hasn’t faltered. Many other cars have had their difficulties whilst Betty just keeps on going. Some have had to pull out.

Some of the cars parked up at a lunch stop..IMG_0407

We checked into the hotel had a few drinks dinner and bed.
Today (Day  7) is a rest day giving an opportunity to visit the Niagara falls.
It’s a bit cloudy/overcast this morning so we’ll see how it turns out.
We’ll give the car a tweak if it needs one. And have a play with the trip meter to see what’s playing up. A loose connection?
Hope to have a great day.


5 thoughts on “Day 6 – onward to Buffalo

  1. G8?sunday morning reading and look a couple moves up the leader is all achievement
    Betty get ready for next days adventure lots love to you both love sis and pete


  2. Great to see you are still in with a grin 🙂 As you have said a completely different race this time. Keep up the team work, we are all envious of your adventures.


  3. Really enjoying your updates. Sounds quite stressful navigating your way in unknown territory! Good luck guys!



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