Day 36 – Ypres to Paris

The competition is over and the drive toParis commences.

The change in attitudes among thecompetitors is very noticeable. The guard is down. Almost suddenly there is agreater feeling of unmitigated friendship. No rally tactics to conceal orsecrets to protect any longer.

So, the short trip into Paris on the crowdedmotorway didn’t seem daunting. The day was overcast and cool. We still neededto follow the route book and travel through passage controls but these weren’tmandatory and just a formality.

Being Sunday, apparently it wasn’t busy,but to us it was busy. We needed to follow instructions so as not to get lostand to be at Place Vendome so that we would pass through the finishing portaland get our medals and be photographed finishing. The roads onto Paris werebusy. A wrong turn and you end up in the wrong district. The landscape changedfrom backroad townships into city blocks and the typical French architecture.

Noticeable were the homeless, presumablyrefugees who camp in the parks and roadsides into the city. These people walkedonto the busy intersections demanding goods and money. Not a good scene andthese people have nowhere else to live.

Then the long wait in the hot afternoonsun as we inched forward through so many sets of lights. Denise getting hot andwe too, as to dispense heat from the motor the heater was turned on. Like asauna inside the car but it works to cool the engine.

When we arrived at Place Vendome thecrowds had gathered to see what was happening and welcomed us into the square.

Among those gathered were Steve’s sisterJune-Rose and his wife Louise and my family son Brooke, who has been managingthis publication, thanks Brooke and daughter Tracie and grandchildren Amber andCody. So pleased to see these guys. Really neat.

So slowly we drove over into the podiumto do the official deed of finishing and recording. Great experience.

Place Vendome

The feeling of relief that there wouldnot be the early rising and the concentration of rallying around the countryany more. Hugs if joy between competitors and shaking of hands, backslappingand congratulation.

The vintage winners: 1, Graham and Marina Goodwin; 2, Artur Lukasiewicz and Bill Cleyndert; 3, Keith and Norah Ashworth. For Classic winners: 1, Gerry Crown and Matt Bryson; 2, David and Susan Danglard; 3, Chris and Tjerk Bury.

Congratulations to them!

Very few people have had the chance toexperience the tour that we have been lucky to have made. In all we travelledsafely and almost free from any motor issues. Just maintenance.

Thanks to all the great people that wemet on this journey who made it interesting and possible.

Thanks also to the people whoparticipated in reading our daily progress blog and to those that made commentsin support, or corrections.

It’s been our pleasure to have been ableto bring you along on this fabulous journey.

C’est la vie!

Stephen and Corgi.

A valiant effort!

9 thoughts on “Day 36 – Ypres to Paris

  1. Well done you two on accomplishing another treacherous & challenging mission!! So dedicated and diligent in your tasks both pf you!! So nice to hear you were welcomed into the towns you passed through too. Look forward to hearing more details upon your safe return to NZ. Enjoy Paris! 🤘🤘🤘


  2. Great,Over the Top effort! Great to read of the exploits along the way. Denise is a true trooper, 2x Peking and India and sure I’m missing something, Take Care and hope to see you soon. Enjoy Paris a bit, sorry to miss the arrival as I go next week. Best, Monte


  3. Congratulations guys from all of us here at House of Travel Mt Maunganui!! x


  4. Hi Corgi, Steve, Brooke and Tracie, Thank you all for your very informative and interesting travelogue. We have really enjoyed following your progress. We are off on our own little trip on the 24th July, down to Rakaia again to help daughter Vanessa and Pete on their dairy farm with about 800 calves being born over the next month or so. It will be really full on but it will be great to spend a little time with our two grand children, Sarah and Mathew. Keep Safe. Kind Regards Bill and Shirley Barry

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  5. Hi Steve and Corgi……Congratulations on making it to the finish line.Excellent photos and words
    and Steve’s amazing daily maintenance and ‘service ‘to Denise.
    When and where is the next trip?


  6. Well done guys glad your safe and Dennis made it through.
    Soo enjoyed the updates and felt your fustrations
    Looking forward to seeing you guys.
    Safe travel home .
    Cheers David



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