Day 35 – Liège to Ypres

Like all short mileage days, they are filled with lots of slow hard roads to travel.

Today was not so difficult but it was very winding around small country villages on sort of farm tracks. The farmers didn’t like all this traffic on their narrow roads, especially from some of our drivers who disrespect their rules. Not good. Anyhow it was interesting country navigating. 35 pages of instructions!

It involves a number of official instructions and stops, time checks and passage controls. One event on the streets of a small village involved two circuits of their town square and a run down a country road that the police had isolated public traffic from.

Good fun but we had to take care of the car.

So, an interesting day but we were not prepared for the welcome that we would receive in Ypres. In their town square, surrounded by exquisite buildings was a welcoming committee of several thousand people, waving flags and shaking hands clapping and shouting. It was just overwhelming and fantastic. In amongst the crowd were friends from New Zealand Lolly and Bernie Cotter from Mt Maunganui.

Arrival in Ypres

They just happened to notice a large sign on the Straat where we were to have dinner that night so decided to stay here for another day to meet us. So neat!

There aren’t any large international hotels here, the rally members were dispersed among 12 establishments in the town and these hotels were full.

Getting to the hotel we were staying at and enjoying a drink with our friends was a welcome way of ending the days driving.

The evening at a rally dinner was enjoyed by so many competitors and their friends and family was a neat way to finish the competitive part of the rally today.


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