Peking to Paris 2019 – Gravel Travel

The throng of competitors have now all arrived at the Shangri-La Beijing. In eager readiness of this big event.

Some 105 teams, 210 persons. A lot of raw people energy to be organised and managed.

There has already been interaction between those who have previously competed and the stories bring back vivid memories of the escapades on this challenging journey that lies ahead over the next 36 days.

The weather in Beijing is calm clear and warm. Promising signs of what may lay ahead, weather wise?

Yesterday was the first formality when we were lectured by the local constabulary on road rules in China, basic information like keeping to the right hand side of the road and observing speed signs and traffic lights.

The police briefing and the attentive audience!

Not too difficult to take in. Just a reminder that we need to be alert and careful as we traverse the China roadscape.

“Denise” is a right hand drive vehicle in a left hand drive country, so we need to remind ourselves to “keep right”.

Today, Friday, we bus to the warehouse to uplift our vehicles.

There are lots of formalities to cover, insurance, registration, China drivers licences, then scruitineering  this afternoon.

A couple of paupers? Stephen and Lars waiting to be enrolled took some time with 105 cars registering.

GPS course uploads and much more.

A cocktail welcoming evening with a banquet dinner to follow.

With the number of competitors this is going to be arduous.

Still, there’s lots of frivolity and intense discussions of rally days in past times.

Having previously driven in this Peking to Paris event doesn’t in anyway give us an advantage.

Complacency will have an adverse effect.

There’s lots of talk about how the many cars have been prepared and the ability to perform. Ignorance of rally reality is bliss.

But we know well that the task in front of us is very challenging. There’s no guarantee about anything when you take into account the multitude of variables.

A casual statement from an avid rally enthusiast, “we are all mad” sums it up well.

4 thoughts on “Peking to Paris 2019 – Gravel Travel

  1. hi not sure if went through we receiving emails and watching satellite very amazing
    corgi take care love sis and peter


  2. Hi guys,…Great to see you both out again with Denise. She sure looks pretty smart…….
    Treat her well and all the very best for your latest adventure.

    Cheers, Fredd Briggs



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