Peking to Paris 2019

Preparation is well under way for the car in readiness for shipping out on the 1st April.

Whilst all of the moving parts of the car have been either reconditioned, replaced, modified or rechecked for reliability, it’s an exhausting task to get this lady back into a shape that doesn’t visually differ much from when work began a year ago.

Every nut and bolt, brake and fuel line, electrical wire or electronic part has been checked, checked and double checked.

The motor has been in and out half a dozen times already as has the suspension and differential and gearbox. Shock absorbers have been replaced three times and brake linings and fluid lines renewed and tested and checked.

Reconditioned motor

It’s intensive to the extent that the body has exhausted. Steve is stuffed.

Late last week he informed that the motor has to come out again!

It’s back in now and ready to go.

The final touches of painting some of the bodywork and procuring the 9 ply tyres is complete.

She looks great! 

As the navigator I have had to leave Steve to all of this task. He knows what to do in putting everything in place.

There was little time to carry out a trial run other than to travel to a 2013 Kiwi contingent P to P reunion held in  Okoroire some 50 kms from the Mt, organised by Alan Day and attended by Bruce Washington, Jock Burridge, Roger Anderson, Steve Partridge and their respective partners.

The car performed well and only a few tweaks needed to iron out some issues.

Compiling and stowing the spares in the boot, so that  they were easy to find and ready to use if needed. Final touches to ready for shipping on the first of April.

Steve drove the car up to Auckland the day before and endured considerable rainfall, timely to test the new laminated tinted windscreen that we procured on India last year for $20!!!!

A good test to as a couple of leaks became apparent, and duly made good before boxing the car up.

Placing and fastening a small timber block of wood under the accelerator pedal, to prevent whoever from revving the sh.. t out of her when unloading the car in China. Just a little trick Steve learned from experience.

Now…. back in the workshop at the Mt and pressure is definitely off.

In the place of where Denise took pride of place is a dismantled Curtis KROFT  circuit race car.

What a machine!!!!!

This will keep Steve from boredom before we leave to China for the 2019 Peking to Paris rally.

As before we will post a daily report once the rally gets underway

We have installed a “ yellow tracker” device in the car (compulsory) so Interested “Denise” watchers can also follow exactly where we are at any time during the rally as we progress through out the event. The site is where you will find  tracking page.


Stephen and Corgi

8 thoughts on “Peking to Paris 2019

  1. Exciting times ahead no doubt Corgi!!

    When are you off

    Good luck guys Baz

    Cheers Ali and Baz s Sent from IPad



  2. Hi Corgi and Steve,

    Great pics of Denise in her NICKERS. Steve, what a thorough overhaul to the “old girl” The engine bay looks brand new…The addition of a few ,stickers helps and the world map is a must have for you guys now that you’ve completed multiple ‘tours’.

    Another well worded report Corgi.

    I’m looking forward to your stories and images.

    Good Luck Guys, take care, FFFFFFFFF



  3. I cant wait! Still cant believe what you have put denise through, and she still looks so pristine! Good luck to you both. Craig


  4. We will track “Denise” with interest and good motoring/travels and all safety and care to you two especially (and indeed to all competitors).
    A top 10 finish please.


  5. Great stuff guys,Soo happy to see you two in Singapore,wish I could have jumped in your hand luggage and tagged along.
    Good luck and safe travels.
    Cheers David



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