Day 4 – Puerto Madryn to Esquel

It’s getting better…
The run today was 692kms with 140kms of it on gravel. What a difference! Denise was in her element Doing what she was designed for. Hit the road running and just kept going taking a few scalps on the way. We got back into contention as we got past cars that were highway designed and left us for dead on the freeway.
The country is vast and scenery fantastic but on the regularity gravel section we had little time to sight see. The dust coming from cars in front made vision almost obscured with the exception of a large stone thrown up into the windscreen and leaving a crazed break. Thank goodness for the laminated glass screen. It didn’t break up like a tempered glass would have.
At mid morning we stopped for tea at a small Welsh village called Ty Gwyn Casa De Te.

A nice break and with Welsh food being served. Wonderful fresh food. They also put on a children’s folk song and some local “Welsh” dancing. Nice.

We had a track race at a place called Mar y Valle, a long circuit and we did two rounds then off. A great run for Denise but there was no way we could beat the “bogey” time.
Still, good fun and we enjoyed.
We had to plan our fuel carefully today as the availability of fuel was inconsistent. There was one fuel station closed on route that we had planned on using. Luckily we had sufficient fuel until the next available stop.

Waiting in line for fuel

Otherwise a good day including the things that we like to do so let’s hope the off-road sections increase and we can earn some points.

Some pics of the scenery


Short day tomorrow of 374kms.
Must add that we appreciate all the good work from those that helped to get Denise up to such a high standard before she was shipped. It has paid off and the car just hums along at speeds in excess of 110 when required but she cruises easily at 105kms mile after mile.
Will keep you all informed..

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Puerto Madryn to Esquel

  1. Excellent work to you all. You have made Denise better than before.
    Scenery looks amazing wish we were there.


  2. Hi u 2 hombres – good new bro REBECCA got A+98% so she is a fully pledged teacher just got text she got home safely and is waiting for flight from AK to home – go boys go of sis



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