Day3 – Bahia Blanca to Puerto Madryn

We were anxious about today with the high mileage to be covered. Nothing we could do about it so we clocked in and got underway. Denise started up fine. No problems here.
The route for the day included about 4 “fruit checks” by authorities to prevent the spread of some sort of fruit fly. So we’re advised not to take any fruit or ham.
A waste of time as the agents just looked at the cars and waved us through.
The first activity was based 261kms away at the Autodromo Viedma.
Quite a large sealed track which was set up for two separate circuits, and we could do them both at as fast as we could.
Really great. Denise continued to perform so well.
Then a 127km trek to the regularity of the day, 35kms of which were on “gravel”.
The Regularity is named Moby Dick? Don’t know why but it was on gravel and was 53kms in duration.

Scenes from the regularity section on gravel, what we had been looking forward to.

There was only one time check and we had to average speed to 80 kms per hour. We were checked 20kms on and covered the distance in 15 min and 11 seconds, 11 seconds slower than the required time. Not bad.  The rest of the gravel road could be traversed at any speed so we did. The area was close to the beach and the surroundings were really nice.


Then back to the reality of driving the last 270kms of distance to the final destination of the day.
Straight long Tarmac roads that disappeared into the distance, shimmying with the heat mirage.
On and on, the wind becoming cold and increasing in intensity to the degree that driving became hazardous. We were all over the road and passing vehicles was dangerous.
We arrived at our accommodation well within the required time schedule so we were not unhappy.
Weary, we showered and headed off for some refreshments and dinner. I don’t think that many will have a late night.
The next two days are rest days to attend to what may be needing attention on our cars.
The area is in a bay right on the sea and apparently whales are the tourist entertainment. So I guess that will be in the order too for the next days. Otherwise I don’t think there will be much to do.
Will report again when back on the road.
Adios for now.

4 thoughts on “Day3 – Bahia Blanca to Puerto Madryn

  1. beach looks like Normandy in France – got text from REBECCA she having fun – am so excited for u both and DENISE performance just shows being pedantic gets u everywhere Beunos nochas guys and beau so Dias for next luv sis


  2. We are following ur journey via ur blog. Awesome photos. Keep em coming
    Love xox tracie amber and cody



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