Rally of the Incas – Day 1

This report is short due to the authors incompetence with technology.
Having written it out twice the reports have “disappeared ” miraculously.
So quickly, before we commence the second day this is how the first day eventuates.
Denise has the chance to show off her ability today after so many hours of preparation. She looks good and rearing to go. We’ve been allocated a slot to start at 9.30am and it’s raining. We are both ready to get underway and being Sunday the traffic is minimal.

Denise at the start ready to get starter instructions

The flag goes down and we head south for a couple of hundred kms on Tarmac out of the city to a race track at Autodrome Mouras. A sealed track we were required to get around twice as fast as we could manage. We did ok and Denise performed really well. Plenty of power when required though we weren’t going to push her too hard when just starting out.
Then onto a Regularity section of 30kms on a sandy dirt road that was dry and had lots of large ruts in the surface.
Good going and we did good times traveling at the average of 70kms. With one speed check.
Then onto lunch at Estancia Las Viboras, a large cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere like you would see in the movies. It’s about 30kms square.

A spit roasting large slabs of meat was to be lunch and we were all entertained with some horse corralling.

A good break in the day and on with rallying.
A Regularity at Old Macedo Station with a dirt rutted track but with more bends and interesting configurations. Again we thought we did well and Denise performed.
The flat lowland on the plain here are just huge with grasslands as far as the eye can see for hours and hours. All beef stock and populated on the land like we in NZ stock sheep. Unbelievable.
Then the stretch home on straight sealed roads to the Sheraton hotel at 1840 hours.
We all had a good day. The only points we could earn today were in the competition sections and not for getting to any point in particular time.
We hope that the next day’s will be more interesting as driving the Tarmac is somewhat boring. We’ll make the most of it and we are so glad that Denise can now keep up with the more sophisticated cars on the rally.
Reliability though is key and we’ve just started out. So watch out!!

2 thoughts on “Rally of the Incas – Day 1

  1. Hi Steve and Corgi, Great to see you are off to a good start.All the hard work preparing Betty was worth it.Kaikoura had a 7.9 Earthquake,felt all over NZ.They are cut off. Roads and rail out.Could be weeks to months to fix roads and rail.Thankfully only 2 died.Wellington city is in a mess with broken glass and some building damage.I think you are in the best place right now.Enjoy your journey and keep up the blogs.
    Cheers Graeme Emmerson



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