Prep Day

Today, Saturday 12th Nov was a prep day after receiving the cars from the docks.
We fitted the electronic equipment into the cars and tested.
Denise is all well. No broken bones or seeping wounds (leaks of any kind).
Attended scruitineering at 9.00 am. Passed with flying colours as expected. All was in working order and were certified (The car).
We then formally registered at the desk and issued with our driving instructions. Two relatively thick route books and a map/chart folio showing basically how to get out of the city and onto the main roads. We read these in the hotel lobby to get conversant with rules and regulations.
Whilst sitting there a couple of contestants asked if we would like to go to a traditional cooking class in the Palermo area in the city as the original couple couldn’t make it. Free to us of course.
We had the time so hopped on a bus with six others, that took us on a tourist loop doing some sight-seeing on the way. Nice day and a good way to learn something about BA and Argentina and its culture and traditions.
At the cooking venue we were greeted somewhat belatedly as they had the timing confused but got underway with a wine tasting.

img_1275 img_1272 img_1268

The workshop, the chefs fitted out and some culinary creations. We look more like sailors than chefs or rallyiers!


Then to make empanadas a traditional snack made from a pastry of flour water and butter and looks like a curry puff when baked. We were all had to make our own empanadas after being shown how and some interestingly shaped products were produced. Tasty when cooked and was an appetiser to the main meal of fillet steak. Then some tiny traditional sweet deserts.

img_1271 img_1270

Good fun and a little better informed of some of the Argentinian food traditions.
And not bad for some rally nuts.
Then back to the hotel at 3.00 to attend an information briefing detailing some of what was expected on the rally and formal meet and greet of the ERA personnel of the organisation including 2 emergency doctors. What are we expecting? Probably for some of the older competitors.
Not us.
Any way we finished and negotiated our way to a petrol station some 2 1/2 k’s away to fill up. Petrol is the same price as in NZ.
All done. Some final tweaking and parked up ready go.
Dinner and bed is in the order of the day for a fresh start.
The first day of the rally commences on Sunday morning, 13th at 9.00am allowing time to check out of the hotel etc.
We are the 30th car out of the blocks to start, allowing 1 minute for each of the cars to get underway so we actually depart at 9.30.
Will keep you informed!

4 thoughts on “Prep Day

  1. Thanks for the postsCorgi. Watch out for the gorgeous Argentinian women. I’ve visited Buenos Aires around 10 years ago

    Regards Joe Sang

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hi Guys great to see you are at the start line. Can’t wait to see you get to the finish. Massively under rated ambassadors for NZ. Maybe someone will notice after fourth rally. Cheers Chris W.


  3. All the best for the start tomorrow. Hope Denise performs well, don’t whip her too much. Just whip the opposition.
    James & Linda


  4. Well it’s down to business once again gents. The Pacific Pine team will be following your moves with interest. Take it easy and enjoy. Regards Steve



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