Day 21 – Reno to Eureka

Boy what a day we had today. Perhaps because the rally was getting close to ending  we anticipated it getting easier?
Betty was now outfitted with as much equipment as we could think of to combat the fuel problem. We couldn’t do anything more.
The day started with clear skies and it was to be another scorcher. It was to be a 600 km trek, but because we were heading west the weather was likely to get cooler.
Betty went well in the cool of the  day and this leg having three regularities was to be really difficult especially with recent experiences.
After travelling the first leg of 126 kms into California the countryside changed from a dry arid complexion to a greener more lush landscape and onwards into beautiful forested hillsides of pines spruces and sequoias.
Cooler too except when we entered the huge valleys where the air was still and the grass was so dry.
Getting to the start was a drive of 30 kms through the most dusty roads imaginable so bad that it was impossible to see the car in front through the dust in the morning light through the trees, and these cars were only a matter of meters away ahead of us. Having cleaned the car the day before and we had the hood down we were caked in dust within minutes.   We got straight to the start, Betty responded and into this run up down hills and sharp bends, we got up to the average speed a few times but the corners and the road surface were not made for Betty. She did so well though but it rattled her bones as Steve took her to the limit. At times he had the foot to the floor and she could not go any faster.  A great ride for the navigator but of course he can’t see anything as he’s looking at the speed/time sheet. Great experience to feel the cars movements and to hear the exclamations of the driver. Great ride!
Onto the cafe at Mineral for lunch then onto Mendocino a 230 km drive and then two regularities in a forest wood area miles from anywhere and the Tarmac surfaces were rough and twisty, great for a rally but rough.
These too were great rides but tough on the car. She’s been made to be an elegant vehicle not one to be thrashed about on the roughest roads that can be found. Again she did so well and other than rattling somewhat and giving the drum brakes a hiding she kept moving forward at Steve’s command.
We did well in both of these regularities and we had no issues with fuel vaporising. Likely because of the air temperatures being cooler.
Due to the hilly undulations of the road the main concern was the brakes. Down the steep winding roads home to Eureka. Brakes got so hot and driving could become quite perilous.
We made it back in time to the hotel time check and we looked forward to a hot shower. The evening was now cool. The need for extra clothes to be worn as we were now under the influence of the Pacific coastal conditions.
It was a tough but great day for rallying!
Tomorrow we’re off down to San Fran to the last day of this event. Will report.

5 thoughts on “Day 21 – Reno to Eureka

  1. Well done boys great reports Corgi Now surging up the leader board may have your run a little late but keep pegging them back its not over until the fat lady sings “Betty”


  2. Passed you guys on highway 36 on my red ducati multistrada. Kool car, great highway, awesome day!



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