Day 20 – Rest Day

Our day of rest in Reno consisted of undertaking all that we could think of to prevent this problem of the loss of power that has been plaguing us travelling over the hot Nevada desert.
We rose a little later in the morning than normal but Steve had a plan of attack that involved many aspects that could cause this loss of power issue.
He began by replacing the condenser in the distributor, the coil, then a trip down to Summit Racing for other remedial bits and pieces like insulation for the fuel pipes and a new fuel pump, a pull type. On the way home there was again the loss of power and  on stopping at the car wash Betty stalled and wouldn’t start. So we fitted all the insulation materials and new fuel pump there on the spot, though this took some 3-4 hours.

Betty being given some new parts
Betty being given some new parts

We found that fuel pump that was fitted the day before had not been pumping and that the mechanical pump had been the unit doing the work. A few new connections to the new unit and a car wash then back to the hotel. Betty had cooled and there was no more power loss.
We are hopeful that tomorrow will be cooler as we head further west towards Eureka on the coast.
Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “Day 20 – Rest Day

  1. My co driver Phil says 36 going to Eureka is a windy twisty road. I go through Eureka before you guys today and a lot cooler once on the Coast. Cheers Monte



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