Day 31 – Milolajki to Bydgoszcz

It’s Tuesday 2nd of July 2019 already.

We’ve been completely out of touch with the day dates, working from rally day to rally day which doesn’t synchronise.

We are now counting down to Paris.

Are these people bored? No they are awaiting their riding instructions from the start Marshall’s.

The heat is still on for place positions as failures of the human elements, getting to all destinations and controls and finishing times, including driver error on the track, to the machines staying in good operational order to take the continuation of punishment still being meted out by the ERA.

The pressure remains on full bore.

Participants are becoming weary with the long days driving and concentration needed to just stay in.

Our day this morning was again 9.25 start. Leaving the hotel to travel through the public square of the little town down the road to let the local populace see the merchandise. And then off to the same racetrack as in the previous evening.

We were not going to try and beat the previous days’ time as the condition of the course surface was very bad and, why give it heaps now when there are more difficult courses yet to come in the next 4 days. We need to get to Paris under our own steam.

A satisfactory round of the track then off to cover the 374kms for the day. A not so long mileage day.

They chose country roads that were delightful in their spring/summer green foliage along the roadsides.

More beautiful wheat fields and country roads, tree lined with the canopy covering the passage.. What to say?

They always find the worst and toughest roads though and today they also had a secret Passage Control position, to catch out the cheats (if any) who bypass on good roads and get in to the next control earlier. I don’t know if there were any cars caught this way but????? It rained too to add to the ambience.

We got to all the controls on time and the last would be a track event at a Kartodrom.

A short winding tarmac track designed for go carts. Twice around was the requirement.

Denise squealed her little tires off as the rear wheel would lift off the road as the corners/bends were so tight. Hard work for the driver too ensuring that we got in fast and safely.

All in all, a good day and not as difficult as we thought at days beginning.

At the hotel, Steve surveyed under the car as usual and checking the areas that need checking.

The rubbers in the suspension had deteriorated to the replacement stage and one of the rear spring u bolts had sheared again. He’s on his back right now making good. Good practise to ensure not just the general maintenance but the safety of the car. All needs to be up to standard. With the continuing battering on the car from these horrible roads, vigilance to possible breakages and excessive wear and tear need constant attention.

The castle at Kwydzyn. Spectacular, built by the Germans in Poland

Housing styles have changed dramatically and are more upper class

5 thoughts on “Day 31 – Milolajki to Bydgoszcz

  1. Keep up the good work and all the best for the finish line – look forward to your next posting


  2. You are 3 tough guys ( Denise too!!) What a trip! Endless. I love reading the reports and have a little bit the feeling I’m driving with you. Keep up the good spirit and you will arrive in Paris with another unforgettable experience on your long list!!
    We hope to see a glimps of you on Fryday in Belgium. Will be cheering along the road…
    Greetz, Sonja Verloop



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