Day 29 – Tallinn in Estonia to Bikernieki in Latvia

There was some anticipation that this was going to be tough day.

Only 353kms including two track events and two time controls. Plus, visits to three car collections. And three passage controls.

The time controls always put pressure on the crew because you just don’t know what to expect on the road upfront.

There were some advisories in the daily bulletin but nothing major.

There was also nothing eventful on the road to the track and once there we got in line to do the run. A dirt and seal rally track quite intricate with a bridge across the road at one point.

The two track events today

We completed this in 3minutes and 10 seconds.

A good run with a tactful quarter tank of gas.

And good fun, though the navigator didn’t see the track hardly at all. Just giving directions.

The first car collection, just steed into some garages at the first track

Three hundred clicks to the next track. Lots of road and the only real event was a car crash where a truck clipped a car and, have a look at the result. There was debris 100 meters in each direction. A cool reminder of what happens when an impact occurs.

The car crash enroute

The next track was at the Riga Motormuseum.

A tarmac surface and we completed this in 4mins 10 seconds. Again, good fun and a great experience.

A look through this museum. It was set up like the Fangio museum in South America. This had only two floors with some amazing equipment within.

The cars on the Riga museum. Couldn’t send all the photos. The second museum was filled with a collection of Russian cars and was a little disappointing

Denise at the race track today

Denise at the race track today

Then to our hotel only ten kms away. It’s 7.00 pm. A long hot day with lots of great fun doing it.

It was t so tough after all.

2 thoughts on “Day 29 – Tallinn in Estonia to Bikernieki in Latvia

  1. Thanks for the great trip reporting – man there are some great places out in the world – So much to see and experience.
    Keep smiling and safe travels…
    Mark from Wintery Christchurch…



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