Saturday – The eve of our rally start

Our scruitineering went well.

It was the most stringent and comprehensive of any rally experienced to date.

All the boxes were ticked however and it was over in 15 minutes. All signed off and ready to rumble.

Steve tinkered and tweeted some bits and pieces but nothing left to do.

Some cars did not pass the test and were regaled to make good and reinspected All will pass before the days end.

There’s a final briefing for teams at 5 pm today where the tulip maps for transit to the start gate at the Great Wall.

It’s a +- 70k run out there that will take 1 1/2 hours and the start time from the gate is 7.00am. Then there is a 540k run to cover the first day of the rally.

It will be nice to get out of the hotel and on the road.

We’ll have to get out of the hotel at 5.00am to meet at the start.

At least the traffic will be lighter at that time of day.

Other than some photos of the cars in the rally that’s about all to report for now.

Some character vehicles that give some of the Silk Road spirit into this rally. The Bentley is a modern built replica of the early cars. It’s brand new however. Looks fantastic up close.

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