Rest Day – Kathmandu

The departure time in the lobby of the hotel to catch the bus to the airport was at 6.15am.
We had signed up to take a helicopter ride into the mountains to see Everest.

It’s the only thing that still is an enigma. Hopefully a beautiful sight to see if the cloud lifts to expose its magnificence.

We boarded the bus to the airport leaving behind our bubble of protection against Kathmandu.


The contrast was still there even at that time of the morning. The dust was down some but the fumes and road conditions were exactly as we had remembered it from the days before.

The airport was full of people jostling in lines with their baggage to catch their respective flights.

After checking through we boarded another bus that took us to the helicopter facility and we each boarded our aircraft as weight determined.

Up and away over the city and onto the high hinterland that was the foothills to the Himalayas. It took a good hour flight and we landed at a hotel, Everest Views, disembarked and had breakfast.

I was unable to photograph the way up but did on the way back down.

So here are photos from the air as we descended back down.

2 thoughts on “Rest Day – Kathmandu

  1. Fantastic photos. You men are Living the Dream! Big style- helicopter breakfast. Did you get to view Sagamartha/Everest?
    Feeling envious and very proud of you 2 rascals and another great adventure achieved…


  2. Hi Corgi & Steve, Grace and I are reading yours posts daily. I did a Himalaya Rally in 2008 ( Maastricht-NL to Bhutan) with 10 days in India. Often the same places you have seen including filthy Katmandu. After this trip I swore never to go back to India again. P2P and the Classic Safari were ‘easy’ compared with the mess in India. Thanks for your great stories and take it easy in the final days! Mick & Grace



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