Day 9 – Rest day in Shimla

Much discussion was had among competitors regarding the accuracy of the Monet trip meters. Most had the mechanical method hooked up to the wheels or the gearbox. It is known to be more accurate than the GPS method.

Taking heed, Steve decided to get what we had on board working or replace with new cables which we bought with us.

 So on Saturday morning after breakfast on a beautiful sunny day, no wind and no mosquitoes, he commenced removing the front wheels and check the probes without needing to removing the braking mechanisms.

Saving a huge amount of time.

Cleaning up these sensing probes and the surrounding areas and testing, showed that the existing units were still active.

This still needs calibrating but we now know that this system can be used.

This whole process still took most of the morning, with Steve on the hard ground and getting filthy whilst I was the gopher. I didn’t offer any advice, basically because I don’t know how this all works. I was still clean.

So around midday all is cleaned up and, ready to go.

Denise now ready after the wheel probes having been repaired.

We will do the recalibration when we get underway tomorrow on the new rally route. Probably on a measured regularity run.

 We’ve just got to get better at the regularity!!

 So the rest of the day is relaxation, we hope.

Shots from the hotel showing the countryside we drove through yesterday:




One thought on “Day 9 – Rest day in Shimla

  1. Hi wow you guys sure having an exCiting time of it. – country side looks beautiful good to see you smiling bro – keep it up love sis and peter



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