Day 4 – Rest (Stuck) in Manali

A good number of other Rallyers joined the team at The Himalayan  yesterday.

Many needed work done on their cars. A temporary shelter was built, a plastic sheet supported by poles and ropes. Two cars could fit beneath and work could be undertaken under shelter from the rain.

The boys with Bentley’s were first in and got out as fast as they could to allow others to repair their cars.

IMG_1249 (1)

Denise didn’t need anything major to be done. A tweek to the idling setting, checking the oil and a general tightening of nuts etc.

We placed a plastic cover on her to stop water ingress through those area we were unsure that was letting water in.

It rained steadily all day. No wind.

The hotel manager suggested that we fill up with petrol today as with the rush of people trying to escape Manali at the same time. There may be some difficulty with getting fuel trucks in over the only bridge in Manali.

So we fuelled up, ready.

Most cars at The Himalayan we’re ready to go so the afternoon was spent either chatting by the fire, playing on iPhones or a nap. Some had a massage, all whilst it rained   incessantly.

IMG_1255 (1)

Later in the afternoon a few drinks around the fireside when a notification came trough from ERA that we should move to a new hotel. It could still be some days before the road is clear for us to leave the area, irrespective of the weather.

Then we could all depart together to Shimla, some two days travel away. The situation is in flux until some hard facts can be obtained to make decisions on.

So that’s it for now.

Today, the day this note is being sent is fine with clear visibility but the forecast says rain.


4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Rest (Stuck) in Manali

  1. What an ordeal with so much rain!!!
    At least you have good company and refuge in the hotel. We will never grizzle about the rain in Auckland again, just a shower in comparison. Safe travels and here’s to a smoother route ahead. 🥂🍾


  2. Hello Steve Corgi! What a mehan, all together! The weather is not to be foreseen, that’s for sure. This is just the beginning, a warming up. Love to read your story’s. Almost as if I am in the car ( no space, I know). And what a country, India! Nothing to compare it with.
    Whish you all the best of luck in the days coming.
    Sonja Verloop


  3. So nice to hear your positivity at dealing with your uncertain predicaments, and pleased you are in the best of company!! Loving all your photos too! Thanks for the comms and all the best as things progress!



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