Day 27 – Paracas to Lima

The last day!
The hotel in Paracas is set on the pacific coast line in beautifully gardened surrounds. The architecture of the facilities and amenities is just fantastic.
It’s the type of project that you just couldn’t get through your local council for approval in NZ anymore. Pity.
There were 260 kms to ride today including two track events. The weather was warm and clear already and the exit onto the main roads was easy.

Leaving Paracas showing more desert and roadside scenery

Then there were, as usual, the long roads interspersed with little townships that popped up along the road side that just go on and on with stop lights that hold back our progress.
Steve has picked up the local habits now. He runs up the inside of the road and beats the traffic to the next set of lights in time to pass about 10 to 15 cars and trucks. Just like the tuk tuks do. Saves so much time and gives us a bit to smile about as we pass our speedier competitors, stuck in traffic.

Chicken farms on the coast line beaches and more desert

We make the time controls in time and carry on up the pacific coastline noting the serious economic improvements to the roads, housing and commercial activities including agriculture.

Pacific ocean on roadside and scenery

Then to our track event, both at the same venue. One a race car track, the other a go-cart track.
These are always good fun, even if we don’t or can’t do well.
Denise loved it. Steve had treated her to a feed of a winns product, an oil additive that assists in lubricating the moving parts of the motor.
She seemed to perform very much better.
Anyway, the last leg of the journey to the Country Club in Lima lay ahead and we weaved through the traffic to get there on time following many other contestants. It was tricky driving to ensure that we were in the correct lanes for the next intersection and road take offs.
And there we are. Ready for the photographs entering under an ERA banner with fanfare and finishing flag unfurled waving the competitors in.
Great fanfare.

The winners of the event Chuck and Pam; and Denise with jubilant driver and navigator under the finish banner

Every finishers team was handed a handle of beer. Much needed driving in the hot Lima sunshine. And much appreciated.
It was early in the afternoon and much to do to prepare the car to be shipped back home.
Some paperwork to export the car but everyone wanting to do this at the same time.
A few more drinks and congratulations and back patting our colleagues until time for the gala dinner at 7 pm.
This entailed a picture show taken enroute by Gerrard Brown the official photographer.
Interesting, funny and highlighting some tricky vehicular situations.
Then the prize giving.
Denise was placed 17th in her class. Not good but we finished with aplomb.
We were awarded the mechanics prize of being “the most self sufficient team” in the competition. Meaning that we required the least assistance from the sweep team mechanics.


It was Steve’s prize really but we both received a small momento from the ERA.
Lots of fun and discussion over dinner, a few lies etc.
Well it’s all over now.
A great experience and worthwhile. One gets a little worked up from time to time but overall a really great experience.
Thanks for all of the support from those that assisted in getting Denise up and running in NZ and the words of support during the event.
Really much appreciated.

Steve and Corgi.

6 thoughts on “Day 27 – Paracas to Lima

  1. Happy driving on the final run knowing that you can have a sleepin in the morning.
    From your posts it sounds like you guys have had a great time and you should both be proud to have endured three very arduous car rallies.
    Cheers and good luck on the final day. Regards Steve


  2. 17 48 176:53:38 F 4 NZ 3 Stephen Partridge Corgi La Grouw Morris Oxford 1800.
    Results 17th overall Corgi and the way i read it 4th in class 3 well done
    Cheers enjoy……


  3. Steve & Corgi,

    Congratulations on a job well done and many thanks for the nice reports!

    Hope to see you soon on another rally.

    Mick and Grace


  4. Yes big congratulations just caught up on last 3 days , very moving guys a wonderful memory u ambassadors for NZ catch u both back home love sis and peter


  5. Congratulations Corgi and Steve, Great challenge, well done. Thanks for the first class reporting.
    Bill and Shirley



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