Day 14 – La Rioja to Miguel De Tucuman

A bit of a non event day today though we were to travel 516 kms. The journey is to get miles up to see some of South America but on these roads, which are good, the distances become tedious. It’s really hot. The wind is hot and the scenery is much the same although it got somewhat greener as we got further north.
There were meant to be two regularities today but the first was cancelled due to the track being too rough for the “road cars”. These are the only places, rough roads, that Denise can get points on if they are rough!
Nevertheless we pushed on northward on these long Tarmac roads to the next Regularity some 260 kms which was held on a sealed road and the average speed was to be 80 kms.
We thought the road would be good but it was steep with lots of bends. Great for the Porches and race cars but we didn’t even get to 80 kms on the entire journey.
Then onto our hotel.
Not an enjoyable day today. Just road travel.
Not an eventful day.

Some scenes today. Looks what I imagine Mexico would look like

Denise worked well all day. Didn’t miss a beat. Great car.
Not for this type of journey.
Our placing currently is 18th over all, better than the last reported placement.

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – La Rioja to Miguel De Tucuman

  1. Steve,

    Good to read your stories. Brings back memories of our carera copacabana in 2010. Almost same route. Regularity average speeds seem too high. We had same problem with P2P.
    Be careful with the high altitude…
    Enjoy ! and very best to Corgi the Dutchman.


  2. Great to hear Denise going well and as that song goes “on the road again” Hope stephen got Rebeccas pic was really lovely morning we had together. Just love the updates very exciting guys enjoy next part of journey lots love sis



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