Day 12 – Grand Forks to Bismarck

This morning we woke at the normal rally time of 5.00 am. An overcast day with drizzle and the expectation that it would linger all day. Starting from the hotel heading on a westerly trajectory toward Jamestown and onto Bismarck in the evening. A relatively  short day of about 300 kms with basically the afternoon of free time to get from Jamestown to Bismarck.

Onward to Bismarck
Image Copyright Gerard Brown

Included in the morning was one regularity and I think we did this quite well. We’ll see. It turned out to be a nice day though cold. Not a hood down day. We have been in last to the control checks for the last two days and today was no exception. It doesn’t matter so long as we get in before the set time, and we do. Only just. Quite relaxed and no pressure.

We were asked to join in on a paddle boat trip on the Missouri River, a good opportunity to relax and catch up with other competitors.

It was still a tiring day even though it was short. The rally takes its toll and one must get all the rest that one can. Quite a long day tomorrow I think some 700 kms. Had a few drinks and went to bed at 8.30.

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